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Buying Property Abroad

The decision to begin investing in real estate for your future is the first of many on your investment journey. The next step is to build a solid investment portfolio in the real estate sector that will support your financial goals and objectives.

Why consider buying properties abroad as your investment strategy?

Real estate is a dependable store of wealth—a tangible, physical asset rather than something speculative, such as Bitcoin or stocks. Rather than investing in the country’s real estate market, which, like the housing markets of several other developed economies, is experiencing a price slump, investors should look for property abroad.

Overseas real estate is the foundation of any diversification strategy. It’s a safety net against volatile markets, economies, and political situations, as well as an investment that can bring capital growth and cross-currency cash flow.

Foreign properties are cheaper

When purchasing property in a foreign currency, the exchange rate of the local currency influences the sales price in US dollars. With a currency advantage, your capital budget will buy you more.
  • Foreign properties are less expensive
    In addition to the savings provided by the current currency advantage, the overseas property can be many times less expensive than comparable properties in your home country.
  • Income from foreign properties
    In addition to serving as a second home, renting out your overseas property to short- or long-term visitors can generate cash flow that can be used to offset the carrying costs of your property or to build a nest egg in the local currency.

What services do we provide when looking to buy properties abroad?

Our intimate knowledge of the world’s leading and emerging residential property markets allows us to provide unparalleled assistance and guide our clients through the buying process.

We can help you find a city center apartment, an idyllic coastal villa or rural holiday home, an estate or country house in the US, UK, UAE (Dubai), Turkey, or Canada, or simply identify potential investment property opportunities.

Our Services include: -

  • Helping clients identify properties at preferred locations.
  • Negotiate the price and terms of sale.
  • Coordinate the legal processes and documentation.
  • Help sale execution.
  • Closing transactions.

Are you looking to invest in the real estate sector? Do you need help with buying properties abroad to grow your investment portfolio? 

We can help you choose the right property to grow your wealth in the short and long term.