Vibe Realty

The Vibe Realty was founded by Gopal Sarda and co-founded by Nidhi Srivastava. It was incorporated in September 2021. It is a holistic Real Estate Advisory firm that has in-house strength in Debt & Equity Syndication, Land Acquisition & Structuring, Sales Contracting, Marketing, Digital, Tech and Brand Evolution, CRM Services, Project Planning, and Financial Management.

It is an independent and trusted firm providing specialized real estate services to help its clients grow and maximize value. They customize their approach using the expertise most suited to clients’ requirements. The Vibe Realty assist clients in assessing opportunities, raising project capital, and managing challenging aspects of their projects.

It works by giving developers a long-term solution as an outsourcing model to focus on their core competencies. It is India’s only Real Estate Advisory that assists in all the functions and areas of work till the end of the project completion.